The Ultimate Guide to Same-day Dentures

Ultimate Guide to Same-day Dentures

Same-day dentures, known as immediate dentures, are a type of denture that can be made and fitted on the same day as tooth extraction. These dentures are an excellent solution for people needing teeth extracted due to damage or decay and who want to avoid being without teeth during the healing process. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about same-day dentures, including what they are, how they work, and what to expect during the process.

What are Same-day Dentures?

Same-day are just like traditional dentures, but you’re leaving with new dentures just after your appointment. They are designed to replace missing teeth immediately, allowing the patient to leave the dental office with a complete set of teeth.

Getting same-day dentures involves taking impressions of the patient’s mouth before the tooth extraction. The primary use of images is to mold the patient’s mouth, which we can use to create the denture. Then, the denture is fabricated and fitted on the same day as the extraction.

How Do Same-day Dentures Work?

Same-day dentures work by replacing missing teeth immediately after tooth extraction. The denture design is to fit over the gums, which are still healing from the extraction. A denture helps protect the gums from further damage and provides the patient with a complete set of teeth while the gums heal.

The process of getting same-day dentures involves several appointments with the dentist. The first appointment is usually the initial consultation, where the dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and determine if same-day dentures are a viable option. If the dentist determines that same-day dentures are appropriate, the patient will schedule an appointment for the tooth extraction and denture fitting.

On the appointment day, the dentist will extract the teeth and take impressions of the patient’s mouth. The image molds the patient’s mouth, mainly to create the denture. The denture is fabricated and fitted on the same day as the extraction.

What are the Benefits of Same-day Dentures?

Same-day denture offers several benefits for people who need to replace missing teeth. Here are some of the advantages of same-day dentures:

  • Immediate Restoration of Your Smile: Same-day dentures provide a fast means to fix missing teeth, enabling you to restore your smile on the day you’ve extracted your teeth.
  • Prevents Potential Complications: Leaving gaps in your teeth may cause your remaining teeth to shift, resulting in bite problems and possible jawbone loss. Immediate dentures will help prevent these complications.
  • Easy Adaptation: Same-day dentures are made to fit comfortably orally and check naturally. They’re custom-made for you and can allow you to adjust to wearing dentures more easily.
  • Time-Saving: With same-day dentures, you can prevent the inconvenience of going without teeth while awaiting your permanent dentures. It can help you save time, money, and the discomfort of waiting.
  • Primary Function: Same-day dentures enable you to eat and speak immediately without waiting for your gums to heal completely.

It is essential to see that same-day dentures are merely suitable, and you need to discuss the options with your dentist to find out if they’re the best option for you.

What are the Drawbacks of Same-day dentures?

While same-day dentures offer many benefits, additionally, there are some drawbacks. These generally include:

  • Sizing Issues: The denture fabricates before the extraction; there is a risk that the denture may not fit perfectly once the teeth are extracted. It can lead to discomfort and the need for adjustments.
  • Healing Time: Same-day dentures may not provide the best fit due to swelling and changes in the gums during the healing process. It can result in discomfort and the need for adjustments.
  • Cost: Same-day dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures due to the expedited process and additional appointments required.
  • Aesthetics: Same-day dentures might not look as natural as traditional dentures. It’s because they’re made ahead of the extraction of the natural teeth, so they might not match the design and color of the patient’s remaining teeth.
  • Adjustment Period: Patients could need to conform to wearing same-day dentures because they’re a recently available addition for their mouth. This adjustment period is a lot more than with traditional dentures, and patients could need to create several visits to their dentist for adjustments.
  • Durability: Same-day dentures might not be as durable as traditional dentures because they’re quick and without the same amount of customization. It indicates they may need to displace more regularly, which can usually be costly for the patient.
  • Tooth Extraction: The dentist will extract one’s teeth and impressions of the patient’s mouth.

Same-day dentures might be a fantastic choice for many patients, but they’ve some drawbacks that you need to look at before choosing this type. Patients must discuss the professionals and cons of same-day dentures utilizing their dentist to ascertain the most effective choice.

What to Expect During the Same-day Denture Process?

The same-day denture process typically involves several appointments with the dentist. These appointments may include these:

  • Initial Consultation: The dentist will examine the teeth of the individual and determine if same-day dentures are viable.
  • Denture Creation: A denture is created using the model of your teeth. Depending on the method, this can take a few hours or require a second appointment.
  • Placement: When the denture is ready, it occurs in your mouth. Your dentist will make adjustments to make sure an appropriate and secure fit.
  • Post-Procedure Care: Following the denture placement, your dentist can provide guidelines on how best to care for your brand-new denture, including cleaning and maintenance.

Ensuring that same-day dentures may require adjustments or replacements as the mouth area heals and changes are necessary. Your dentist will record your development and recommend “almost any” essential adjustments.

The Bottom Line

Same-day dentures may be fitted and put in the mouth for a fancy passing day as tooth extraction. They’re typically produced from resin or acrylic materials, providing patients immediate relief and function following tooth loss. However, it’s essential to see that same-day dentures are only ideal for some, and the fit and function may not be as optimal as traditional dentures. Therefore, it’s essential to discuss all options with a dentist or prosthodontist and make an educated decision centered on individual needs and preferences. Regular maintenance and adjustments may also be necessary to ensure the longevity and comfort of same-day dentures. However, If you’re wondering about the best dentist in Roswell, GA, to help you maintain oral or good health in neighboring areas such as Marietta, Alpharetta, Milton, Dunwoody, Sandy Woodstock, or Springs, book your appointment today at TruCare Dentistry. To know more about us, call (678) 321-7575 or visit our website.