Top 5 Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Seniors to Restore their Beautiful Smile

Oral health is one of the most important parts of our overall health and wellness. In today’s time, it is one of the highly personalized concepts of awareness. As per WHO (World Health Organization), oral health is a crucial factor in determining a person’s general well-being and quality of life. Other than overall good health, the factors that encourage people to maintain good oral health include their cultural and socioeconomic status. However, there are still many people who ignore their impending dental issues. Ignoring the dental issues can gradually multiply the problem and may affect the overall well-being. Several people are already suffering from intractable toothache and are left with few teeth.

So, how to restore the lost smile? Well, with the help of Cosmetic Dentistry, the smile can be restored easily. In addition to improving the overall health of teeth and gums, dentistry can also be a great option for people who are looking for the best ways to fight the effects of aging. Even for seniors, cosmetic dentistry can help bring their beautiful smiles back. In this blog, we will discuss how cosmetic dentistry in Roswell GA can help to enhance the smiles of seniors.

Role of cosmetic dentistry for seniors

As oral health is directly related to overall general health and wellness, it is important to take proper care of your teeth and gums no matter how old you are. However, maintaining oral health may be tough, especially in old age. Even after keeping proper care, seniors may still face some kinds of dental issues. To prevent the issue from getting worst, it is advisable to visit a dentist for regular checkups. A professional dentist in Roswell, GA can offer the best possible treatment options for dental care that may help enhance not just the elderly’s self-confidence but also their overall health and well-being.

Treatment options for restoring the elderly smile

Here is the list of some of the common dental treatments that can help to improve the general health and well-being of seniors, have a look:

1. Porcelain veneers:

Another feasible option for seniors who are looking forward to improving their smiles is porcelain veneers, also known as laminates. porcelain veneers are much more durable than composites and can last for a longer period. After the treatment is done, porcelain veneers function like natural teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to rectify various imperfections faced by most people such as:

  • To improve the color and shape of teeth
  • To make crooked teeth appear straight
  • To fill the gaps and spaces between teeth
  • To make the arch broader to create a fuller smile

In all, porcelain fillings are one of the best natural-looking and long-lasting teeth restorations treatments available today. These robust filings are the best option to restore weakened back teeth. Besides, they are perfect to protect decayed and heavily restored teeth.

2. Cosmetic bonding:

Many people experience yellowish teeth over time. For other people, their teeth may become chipped. To help prevent the issue of yellowish and chipped teeth, a cosmetic dentist usually applies a composite material over their patients’ teeth to help improve their appearance. Composite materials can be used to fill in defectiveness in ones’ teeth. The dentist may also use these composites to perform certain minor shaping of teeth.

In all, cosmetic bonding is a procedure in which the dentist lightly scratches the tooth’s enamel and then covers it up with the help of an adhesive using ultraviolet light. After this, the dentist places a soft composite resin and forms it into the desired shape of the patient. After forming the shape, the dentist polishes the new material to make it blend with the existing color of the tooth.

The good thing is that the cosmetic bonding process is painless. In most cases, the patient doesn’t require any anesthesia. With the cosmetic bonding process, seniors can get instant results. The only drawback of this process is that it lasts for a limited time.

3. Dental bridge:

Seniors who are facing the issue of missing teeth, may consider going for a dental bridge. Dental bridges are the best option for filling the unwanted space.

A dental bridge is a procedure used when a person has a missing tooth space between two healthy teeth. Firstly, the dentist will cover the healthy teeth with crowns. Then, the dentist will make a pontic or false tooth for the missing tooth area. This false tooth looks similar to the natural tooth attached to the crowns placed on the teeth.

4. Dental implants:

Dental implants are another good option for seniors to replace their missing teeth. A dental implant is usually performed by setting a titanium screw set in the jaw. The screw is placed so that the jaw bone will form around the screw and secure it in its place. After the completion of this process, the dentist will place a crown over the implant. After fitting the crown over the implant, the process is complete. The result is that it looks and feels like natural teeth. A dental implant procedure is beneficial for people who want to preserve their natural teeth structure. In this procedure, the dentist need not touch the natural teeth next to the implant. Besides, unlike fixed bridgework or traditional dentures, dental implants merge well with the jawbone, remain intact, do not make any noise, or cause bone damage.

5. Orthodontics:

Orthodontic treatment is the best option to straighten teeth and enhance their appearance. However, this dental treatment option is not suitable for all seniors. It includes placing braces over the teeth to improve their appearance. Braces are also beneficial for the long-term health of teeth, gums, and jaw points.


So, these are some of the best treatment options to consider for seniors who are looking to improve and enhance their smiles. If you are searching for the best cosmetic dentistry in Roswell, GA, then Trucare is the best source to get cosmetic and Implant dentistry services. The professionals at Trucare make use of advanced technologies and procedures to help people restore their beautiful and healthy smiles.