What are the Roles of an Emergency Dentist?

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What are the roles of an emergency dentist?

Some dental problems come without warning at the oddest of hours. It can be a broken tooth due to an accident, a sharp pain in a tooth, or a sudden numbness in the mouth. The pain is so severe, and the problem is so serious, that it needs to be treated immediately. In such cases, is it prudent to call a regular dentist to book an appointment? It isn’t.

Dentistry is a vast domain and there are many types of dental specialists. But among all, there is a type of dental expert who is specifically trained, proficient, and certified to handle dental emergencies and urgent tooth problems. They’re known as emergency dentists.

This blog post explains the roles of an emergency dentist and when you need to see an emergency dentist. Read on and thank us later.

Roles of an emergency dentist

When an emergency dentist gets a patient with an urgent dental problem, then putting the patient at ease and saving the affected tooth (or teeth) becomes the priority. Here are five key roles of an emergency dentist.

  1. Alleviates pain

From chipped and broken teeth to sudden toothache, a majority of dental emergencies cause excruciating pain to the patient. Apart from the impacted teeth, the adjoining areas hurt a lot. In such cases, the first thing an emergency dentist does is alleviate the pain by administering a particular sedative such as local anesthesia or nitrous oxide, or any other painkiller. Dental sedation will not only numb the pain but will also relax the patient for the next procedure.

  1. Treats the root cause of pain to reduce inflammation

Even though dental sedations can alleviate the pain for some time, they are not a long-term solution to the pain. The most effective way to reduce the pain, in the long run, is to treat the root cause, which is caused by inflammation in the affected tooth. After the sedative starts to have its effect, the emergency dentist will treat the underlying problem to reduce the inflammation.

  1. Treats existing infections

Some common dental emergencies are caused by infections in the mouth. When not treated on time, they can worsen over time and cause unbearable pain. Some common dental infections include cavities, which are caused by plaque and bacteria, gingivitis, infected gums around the base of teeth, and pericoronitis, infections of gums over partially erupted teeth. In this stage, the emergency dentist will treat the infections by administering antibiotics or other medications or by performing certain procedures such as root canals, and others.

  1. Saves tooth

When a loose or severely damaged tooth causes a dental emergency, then the emergency dentist focuses on saving the tooth. That’s because an experienced and professional emergency dentist knows how important every tooth is and will do every possible thing to prevent tooth loss. In case of a severely infected tooth, the emergency dentist will numb the teeth, clean the tooth, get rid of the infection, abscesses, and other debris, and perform a dental procedure such as a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Saving a damaged and affected tooth takes effort, but it’s worth it. When it comes to saving your tooth, an emergency dentist is your best friend and will do whatever it takes to save it.

  1. Prevents further complications

Emergency dentists also focus on managing dental problems and preventing further complications. Even after all necessary treatments, previous dental issues – particularly emergency ones – need to be regularly checked by the emergency dentist. If they aren’t, then they may progress into much worse dental complications and spread to other areas of the mouth. For instance, when caries aren’t treated on time they cause severe infections and abscesses. Even after an emergency dentist removes the infection, any small traces of abscess can remain undetected. If not checked regularly, it can build up and spread to nearby tissues.

When do you need to see an emergency dentist?

As the name suggests, an emergency dentist is a dental professional who is trained, equipped, and certified to handle urgent dental issues. Here are some problems that emergency dentists can handle more efficiently.

  1. If you’ve loose or broken tooth

Broken or loose teeth need emergency dental care services. If a broken and loose tooth is not treated immediately, it can result in serious problems. If any of your teeth are broken or loose, visit an emergency dentist immediately.

  1. If your tooth hurts constantly

Even though toothaches aren’t uncommon, persistent tooth pain should never be taken lightly. If your tooth hurts and the pain doesn’t subside within a few days, then it’s time to seek emergency dental care.

  1. If you’ve bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can signal serious dental conditions such as periodontitis or gingivitis. If your gums bleed while eating, brushing, or flossing, see an emergency dentist without wasting any time and find out the underlying issue.

  1. If you’ve damaged or lost your dental device

If you’ve damaged or lost your dental devices, such as braces, dentures, implants, or veneers, you should see the dentist who installed them. But if the professional isn’t available, then see an emergency dentist near you.

  1. If you feel numbness in your mouth or have swollen jaw or gums

Sudden numbness in the mouth can be a sign of a serious infection. If you feel numbness, visit an emergency dentist to find out the problem and get the necessary treatment. If you have a severely swollen jaw or gums, going for an emergency dental visit can help you find out the reason behind the sudden swelling.

  1. If you feel a metallic taste in your mouth

If you have metal fillings in any of your teeth and you suddenly feel a metallic taste in your mouth, then it can signify the filling is leaking and needs immediate replacement. You must visit an emergency dentist immediately or risk mercury poisoning.

  1. If you’re constantly feeling weak and tired 

A constant feeling of weakness or fatigue can be a sign of dental infections. If you feel weak or tired most of the time or fall sick more often, then it may indicate something is wrong with your teeth. This calls for an emergency dental visit.

Why should you go to a nearby emergency dentist for urgent dental problems?

Here are some reasons why a reliable emergency dentist is the right dental professional to treat all types of urgent dental problems.

Availability: Urgent dental issues can happen anytime and that’s when timely care becomes critical to oral health. Emergency dentists are available beyond normal office hours and can be reached over a phone call.

Expertise: Some things are better left to experts. Emergency dentists are trained and certified to handle urgent dental problems. An experienced emergency dentist is capable of providing high-quality care and effective results in a high-pressure situation.

Equipment: Emergency dentists are well-equipped to relieve patients’ pain and deal with a wide range of urgent dental problems.

Taking everything into account

Even though urgent dental problems are rare, they can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s when the availability, expertise, and experience of a professional emergency dentist are needed in the wee hours of the morning or late in the night.

At TruCare Dentistry, we provide same-day emergency dental care and treat all types of dental emergencies as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for an emergency dental clinic in Roswell, GA, or neighboring areas such as Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Marietta, Milton, Sandy Springs, or Woodstock, you can count on us. All you have to do is just give us a call at (678) 321-7575.