Pain-Free Dentistry: A Dream Come True for Patients with Dental Anxiety

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For most people, dental procedures mean a lot of pain and discomfort. That’s the reason several people feel scared to visit a dentist for their dental problems. Those who have painful experiences during their previous dental procedures become nervous about getting further dental care. However, with the advancement in technologies in various sectors, dentistry has also become advanced. Many dental professionals now claim to provide pain-free dental treatments using various advanced technologies. This is perhaps a piece of good news for patients who have dental anxiety.

Pain-Free Dentistry: Is it a Fact or Fiction?

Yes, it’s true. Due to the advancement in dentistry, most dental treatments are no longer a painful affair. Several dentists can now provide pain-free treatments to their patients with the help of advanced tools and procedures.

Some of the key ways that dentists use to make dental treatments pain-free and less traumatic include:
  • Laser Treatments: Nowadays, laser treatments have become a common and widely used part of dentistry. Lasers are generally used for soft tissue procedures like gum surgeries. Before, dentists used painful procedures for performing dental surgeries, but now, patients experience less pain and distress with laser surgeries.
  • Composites and Porcelain Fillings: Earlier, for tooth filling procedures, dentists were using metal fillings. They used to make deep drills into the tooth to make a sturdy foundation for the filling. However, in most of the cases, it was observed that the tooth became weak and more prone to cracking. In the present time, several dentists are using composites and porcelain fillings that are less painful than metal fillings. Besides, these fillings don’t require dentists to drill deep into the tooth, as these fillings are usually secured with the help of adhesives to keep them in place for a long time.
  • Micro-fine Needles and sedation: Now, dentists are using controlled dosage of sedation and micro-fine needles to eliminate the pain while performing a procedure. Earlier, they used to give very painful injections.
  • Laughing Gas: Some dentists also use Nitrous oxide, a laughing gas, to control pain and anxiety in patients. It helps the patients to get relaxed and comfortable during the dental treatment. The gas is usually administered via inhalation and can be used for both children and adults.

With all these advancements in dentistry, we can say that pain-free dentistry is no longer fiction but has emerged as an accepted fact.

Benefits of Pain-Free Dental Procedures

It’s a fact that more than 60% of people worldwide are scared to visit a dentist. The most common reason behind this anxiety is the pain that comes with dental procedures. However, these day’s many dentists are using modern tools for performing dental procedures and providing different types of sedation to control the pain in their patients. Therefore, those who fear visiting a dentist just to avoid painful experiences must choose a dental service that provides painless dental treatments using modern tools and technologies. There are several benefits of choosing pain-free dental procedures, such as:

  • Reduced number of treatment visits: A painless dentist often provides combined treatment options to reduce the requirement of visiting the clinic again and again. For instance, by giving a controlled dosage of sedation, it becomes easier for the dentists as well as patients to handle various treatments like root canals, multiple fillings, tooth extraction, etc.
  • Improved dentist-patient relationship: When dental procedures are pain-free, it makes patient’s relaxed and reduces their anxiety to a great extent. Even dentists can work easily and quickly when their patients are sitting relaxed and calm. This helps to build a strong relationship between dentist and patient.
  • Increased chances of treatment acceptance: When patients have no anxiety regarding a dental procedure, they are more likely to accept dental treatment recommendations made by their dentist. With pain-free dental procedures, patients can be assured that they can easily go through the prescribed procedures and confidently look forward to future treatments. Whether it’s about having dental implants, or a crown on the tooth, they become more willing to accept any treatments without missing dental clinic visits. This further helps in improving the oral health of patients.

Where to Get Pain-Free Dental Services in Roswell?

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