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Sedation Dentistry

Helping patients with dental anxiety

Fear of dentistry could result from multiple factors such as unpleasant previous experience, pain, or unpredictable outcome. At TruCare Dentistry, our whole team will spend time understanding your fear and we will create a pleasant and predictable environment to eliminate your anxiety.

If you need a Family Dentist who offers Dental Services in Roswell, GA, for kids and adults who have dental phobia, TruCare can be the best option for you and your child’s oral health needs.

What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation involves the use of medication for helping the patient to control the anxiety while undergoing a dental procedure.

Depending on the level of fear shown by the patient, the dentist can recommend the type and drugs. No matter if it is a simple procedure like tooth cleaning or invasive one like a root canal, sedation can be suggested for various treatments.

Different types of sedations we offer at Trucare dentistry

  • Oral sedation
  • Inhaled minimal sedation (laughing gas)

How does dental sedation work?

Dentists focus on the patient's medical condition, allergies to medicines, and the level of dental phobia while selecting the approach and the type of sedation suitable for the dental procedure.

  • Local anesthesia is often looked at as the first option to get the area locally anesthetized.
  • The second preferred type is oral sedation that involves the use of a pill to put the patient into a twilight sleep. The patient becomes pre-relaxed and remains alert enough to talk to the dentist.
  • Inhaled minimal sedation involves the use of laughing gas combined with oxygen. It is administered with the help of a nose-apparatus. In some cases, dentists use a combination of laughing gas and other forms of sedation to help the patient feel relaxed.

What’s the difference between sedation and anesthesia?

While under sedation, the patient remains awake and responsive. On the other hand, he or she becomes unconscious, remains under a lighter sleep after administering general anesthesia. The patient recovers quickly after remaining under sedation. It is recommended before performing minor procedures.

How safe is sedation dentistry?

It is safe when the patient gets treatment from a specially trained, experienced dental care expert.

Here’re some of the frequently asked questions

If you are looking for Roswell (GA) based sedation dentistry expert with several years of experience in handling patients suffering from dental anxiety, you should consider fixing an appointment at TruCare Dentistry.

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