How to Clean Your Dentures and Prevent Bacteria From Building Up

Dentures are not good as natural teeth. However, it helps in meeting aesthetics and functions for many people. The best solution for fallen teeth is to get implants but implants are more expensive or not possible due to heath issues … Continued

Can energy drinks harm your teeth? What sort of drinks are the most recommended ones?

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In spite of brushing and flossing appropriately, some individuals end up with poor oral health. That’s because people drink items that can damage the teeth. Surprisingly, besides sugary juices, even soda, energy/sports drinks, and sparkling water make it in the … Continued

How Can Gastrointestinal Disorders Affect Your Teeth?

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Teeth related pain results in loss of sleep, and concentration while at work. It is common knowledge that infected tooth or tooth loss can affect a person’s ability to eat. However, there is lesser awareness regarding how the digestive system … Continued