Here is what tooth fairy wants you to know about baby teeth

For generations, after generations, the function of the tooth fairy is the same. We all know those baby teeth fall after a certain period. It is also known as “milk teeth”. These deciduous teeth or child’s teeth play a crucial … Continued

What Makes TruCare the Best Choice for Children Dentistry in Roswell, GA

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Pediatric dentistry refers to the dental treatment of dental care for children starting from their infancy, through their teenage years to adolescence. By itself, dentistry is a difficult discipline to pursue. With pediatric dentistry, the issue is compounded by the … Continued

Can regular dental visits prove helpful in controlling more significant oral health issues?

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Several people prefer to visit a dental clinic only after something goes wrong. A preventive approach is least appreciated in most countries around the world. The ADA-American Dental Association recommends patients visit their dental clinic at least once in six … Continued